August 22nd – 23rd
Graduate Training Meetings and Course Preparationparation  

August 24th
Fall Classes begin

August 25th - 26th

Jazz Band Auditions
(Jazz Graduates will audition the students)

August 27th

(all students required)
Starts at 7pm

September 7th
Labor Day. (All students are off.)

(off)ration   (St

September 19th

UF Jazz Band with Count Basie Orchestra in Orlando.

September 20th - 22nd

SEC Jazz Band.  2015 SEC Symposium: “Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Driving a 21st Century Economy.”

October 16th

UF Graduate Jazz Quartet at Hilton.

November 6th – 7th

(All students are off)

November 11th
Veterans Day (All students are off)

November 14th  
Composer Conference with UF Big Band.

December 5th

Jazz Band Concert in University Auditorium. 7:30pm

December 9th

Fall classes end and students prepare for exams. 

Dec. 12th  and December 14th – 18th

Final Exams

December 18th
Grad classes grades are due


January 5th    

Spring Classes begin

January 6th – 9th

Jazz Education Network National Conference 

January 13th – 16th

FMEA Convention in Tampa.  

January 18th

Martin Luther King Day (off)

January 30th – 31st
Woman’s Club Performance with Grad Jazz Combo. 

February 6th

Sunshine Jazz Festival  in Orlando with Wycliff Gordon

February 20th

Bobby Shew Reunion Concert in University Auditorium.  7:30pm. 

Feb. 27th – Mar. 5th

Spring Break (All students are off.)

March 13th

Friends of Music Splendor.  Fine Arts Gala.

March 19th

Music in the Park at Lake Wauburg.  12pm.

April 11th

HAPCO Wine & Dine for the Arts: Orlando (Grad Combo)

April 15th – 16th
Lakeside Jazz Festival

April 20th  

Spring Classes End. Students prepare for exams.

April 21st – 22nd

Reading Days. (All students are off). 

April 23rd and April 25th – 29th

Final Exams

April 29th

Graduate classes grades are due